Best Diet For Healthy Eyes

Best Diet For Healthy Eyes

Eating a healthy nutritious diet is not just beneficial for your stomach but also for your eyes. Eyes are extremely precious and taking its care should be at the top of your priorities. One can keep their eyes clean, cool and protected for years by just combining a healthy diet routine along with protective eye wear and a routine check-up at the best eye care center near you.

To begin with, including carrots, cucumber and almonds in your regular diet are highly recommended for your eyes. Along with carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are also good vegetables that are packed with beta-carotene, an essential precursor for Vitamin-A, and immensely important for eye care. Shree eye care, being one of the best eye care centers of Dehradun, excels in giving the best satisfactory results to patients along with some tips to keep eyes safe.

During summers, one must consume carrot juice, sliced carrot with hummus, pumpkin juice or soup to keep the body as well as eyes cool. The sun has an ability to dry up every leaf on the tree, similarly, it has the same impact on your eyes, it can cause dry eye syndrome which is very harmful to the eyes. Thus, having a proper diet is very essential especially during summers.

Your care is our duty, Shree eye care cares for your eyes like ours.

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