How to Improve Eyesight

How to Improve Eyesight

Your eyes have muscles and they can get painful when held in one point for too long, just like any other muscle of the body. Shree Eye Care, the best eye care hospital in Uttarakhand says that give your eye muscles a pause and you will be very glad over the years.

By doing a few of these workouts you may well increase your efficiency, and even reduce your risk of glaucoma. And you don’t even have to take time off for these exercises so a busy timetable should be no excuse.

 Digital eye strain is communal among people working at computers all day. This condition can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Eye Strain
  • Dry Eyes
  • Blurred Vision

A few eye exercises may help you to improve digital eye strain symptoms.

1.     Palming

Rub the palms of your hands strongly, till they are heat and place them gently over your eyelids. Let the heat of the palms transfer onto the eyes. You can sense the eye muscles relax as your eyes find help in the darkness. Continue until the heat from the hands has been totally absorbed by the eyes. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

2.     Blinking

Sit comfortably with your eyes open. Blink 10-15 times very quickly. Close your eyes and relax for 20 seconds. Repeat this 4-5 times.

3.     Zooming

Another effective exercise for the eyes is zooming. As you may know exercise from the name, you make an object zoom for your eyes so as to shift the focus of your vision. Sit on a chair with your arm outstretched and your thumb up. Now, bend your arm slowly and draw it closer to your eyes, thus zooming the thumb in focus.

4.     Shifting

Shifting is about rotating or moving your eyeballs from one direction to another. Look to your rightward corner and then shift your gaze gradually to the opposite direction. The small eye muscles get more healthy and active with the flow of blood pumped in from the shifting.

5.     Figure of eight

Sit with legs straight in front of your body with the left hand on the left knee. Hold the right fist above the right knee, with a straight elbow and the thumb pointing upwards. Keep your head focus and still your eyes on the thumb. Draw a figure 8 with your thumb, keeping the elbow straight all the time. Repeat this exercise five times each in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Next, repeat the process with the left thumb.

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