Glaucoma is the defect in the vision that affects peripheral vision and in the end, it also affects the central vision.The best eye doctor in Dehradun always says few things regarding this disease.

Glaucoma patients with moderate or severe disease often see through a fog which extends into their central vision. Because of this fogging, people with glaucoma recognize fewer letters in one glance.

In Glaucoma most people have no early symptoms or pain. Glaucoma can be caused to people over 40, people who have family history in this disease and people have health problems like diabetes. In Shree Eye Care, our expert doctor Mr. Vrij Bhushan- best eye doctor in Dehradun has done a lot of work for managing Glaucoma.

Dr. Bhushan says Glaucoma as the disorder in a vision where the eye has got a drainage mismatch of the fluid called aqueous humor which causes partial blindness and further in loss of vision. In Glaucoma the eye fluid (aqueous humor) fails to drain due to some defect and causes pressure inside the eye and raise intraocular pressure. The increased pressure, called intraocular pressure slowly  damages the optic nerve, which transmits images to our brain. And if the damage continues it leads to permanent vision loss. Most people suffering from glaucoma confuse it with cataract but glaucoma can cause total permanent blindness within a few years if proper treatment is not offered to the patient.

Shree eye care-  best eye doctor in Dehradun is most  recommended eye care hospital in Dehradun due to our skilled staff and expertise in surgeries. Glaucoma though a eye defect where loss of vision is irreparable but still loss can be controlled medically or by surgery and one can enjoy life with happiness. Glaucoma is mostly divided into two main kinds-

–    Open-angle glaucoma

In this defect, the drain structure in your eye known as trabecular meshwork- looks normal, but fluid doesn’t flow out as it should.

–    Angle-closure glaucoma

In this defect the drain space between your iris and cornea becomes too narrow, resulting in draining no eye fluid. It is also known as acute or chronic angle closure or narrow-angle glaucoma.

The symptoms of glaucoma can be seen in the patients who have a family history of this disease, all the people above age 40, the diabetic patients, the one who take a high dose of steroids and the one who have traumas around the eyes or in eyes.

Eyes are the most sensitive and concerned area of our body, one should go for routine checkups to avoid the persistent loss of vision.

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