Eye Care Tips for Internet Users

Eye Care Tips for Internet Users

Continuous stare at screens has become a daily routine of our lives as the internet has become an important part for everyone.  People of all ages are getting their eyes affected at an early age. Eyes are one of the most important parts of our five senses that should not be avoided. The best eyes hospital in Dehradun, Shree Eye Care Hospital takes this issue very seriously.

Here are some worthy tips shared by Shree Eye Care, the best eye care treatment service provider in Dehradun.

Look at distant objects: Working continuously on the internet can harm eyes. Dryness, allergies, tearing of eyes could occur. To avoid this, you must look at distant objects in between long working hours. It will break the continuity of close eye watch.

Do some eye exercise: One of the best exercises is, blink your eyes for some time, close it and roll eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise. While performing this exercise take deep breaths & lastly slowly breathe out and open your eyes.

Use anti-glare glasses: Anti-glare glasses contain an anti-reflective coating that improves vision, reduces eye strain, and makes you look more intellectual. Anti-glare glasses are available at Shree Eye Care, the top eye care clinic in Dehradun.

Drink more water: Drinking water reduces the puffiness of your eyes. So always drink water as much as you can.

Applying Palming Method: Rub your hands against each other and make them warm. Further, apply warm palms on your closed eyes for some time. It will work as a charger your eyes and palms.

Eye Protection Mode: While using the internet, screen radiation, or bright resolution is very harmful to the eyes. It may lead to severe headaches or eye pain. To avoid this cause, keep your screen’s eye protection mode on especially at night.

The best eyes hospital in Dehradun, Shree Eye Care Hospital says that eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Do take the right care of your valuable eyes. Shree Eye Care, the best affordable eye care hospital in Dehradun is always there to cure your eye problems. Do consult for regular eye checkups, we have the top eye doctors in Dehradun.

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